Trader Joes Petit Reserve Russian River Sauvignon Blanc 2019


Stay from cheap wine fighter dot com an edge again. Wine we got from trader Joe's trader Joe's. Since the Kobe thing has been kind of light on new wines, they came out with a few new ones and we have a new one today. And, it is the trader Joe's petite. Reserve Russian River valley saw vm blocked twenty-ninth teen. Always. Think it's seven, ninety, nine, hundred block and I was you know when you get one from fancy growing area like the Russian river, which is Costa Sonoma. The always think. It's maybe some fancy winery, the head, some leftover twenty, dollar wine, and. You. Know Trader Joe's got a deal on a small amount of it and L. Not for seven ninety nine not this time that does happen from time to time. But this is from Owl Ridge. Wine Services, which has been a company. Out of Russian river since two, thousand, four, they they're accustomed crush private label. You know if you want to start your own wine label, you go to them and you know you tell them what you want. They'll make it for you and label it and you can. You can make your own company and sell it to stores. Are you. If you're a trader, Joe's though, make you wanting to. And this is from the Russian river and they've been at it since two thousand four, which gives them years of having. Contacts with the local vineyards and wineries. So they have good resources. Trader Joe's as you know. Price Advantages Basically they don't advertise they don't have to. have. A distributors go store to store trying to sell their wind getting the shelves. Everything's done a front. I think they pay for it upfront to I'm not always sure about every single deal. But I do know that that is what happens with these wines. Once they contract for it and they pay for an upfront, it's there's to sell or not sell. So that's what we have going here, and this is blocked from the Russian river valley. I think I've had many of those Russian river is a wonderful place for one. There's some high end wineries in there. But I normally get the Pinot Noir Chardonnay that's that's what they're most well known for though I know there are some wonderful producers making. Saab block in there and some really good vineyards and. Probably from somebody's really good vineyard I'm gonNA take a SIP. Kinda reminds me of New Zealand but not quite. Got Some both flavors. It's got some. Spice. I. I wrote down all of my my tasty notes on the. Review on cheap wine DOT COM. To go into all the details but this isn't a light and fluffy patio cooler. You're GONNA WANNA. Go to put a good show on this, but you're going to sit down and you're gonNA. WanNa. Shrink it and thank you know just. figure out what's in there because there was. A little bit of cream a little bit of salty flavors spice. There's. Sweet Sour. There's Tart. Not. Bad, for something ninety nine. Russian river I'd like I said I don't normally get my assab yom blocked from the Russian river, but it gave me a little bit of New Zealand which is. Had good acidity didn't have that grab another glass of you know. Like so much with expensive wines, but it had good acidity. Tons of flavor. Aroma. There's nothing really to complain. I like my soviet-bloc young without a lot of aging bottle not a lot of production techniques. Crush the grapes do what you gotta do bottle maybe eight just a little bit. This is twenty nine hundred and they didn't age it that long. And let it go and that's what I like my own block, and that's what this is and it's seven, ninety nine. It's from a place that I don't normally get myself I'm block. which is a plus in my book. And and actually have a book. That's Quinton Tarantino quote and There's not like some no name for savvy blocked. Tastes. Good. It's interesting. It's well. -At's jeep hey it's what cheap wanting finders all about we found one that's interesting. Jeep if. Block, you'll like this it's A. It's it's GonNa be right in your

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