Pavelski Ties Game in 3rd, Stars fall in Game 4 in OT


The net. And what point I think everyone was surprised The puck came to appoint a Lord Duck behind that point was wide open in front. And he put that it's too too. You know, this was a gutsy when in a lot of ways, the adversity this team faced during this game, he figure Look, Dallas goes up to nothing. Klingberg and Pavelski and you're thinking, all right. This isn't going away. Tampa Bay anticipate then Brayden point. It's a goal late. In that first period, then he gets another one in the second early on too tight. It's too on the power play. Corey Perry made it three to Gord tied it up 33. Killorn in the third period throws one at the Net. Beautiful shot at 6 41 layer up 43 You're feeling all right? This is it. Here we go. But then Pavelski gets that golden 11 35. Fortuitous bounce makes it for four. But then you get into this situation where you had braid and points get called for an embellishment along with Perry. You go for on four and then 37 seconds into the overtime. Dallas goes on the power play. It's four on three and they had some dangerous looks. But you know, Jamie Benn Does have some bad timing when it comes to penalties throughout his career and lighting made him pay for that it's Kevin Shattenkirk getting the goal from headmen marooned at 6 34. To get the power play goal there and the lightning or three for four on the power play. We're gonna get some players some, but can I want to get your thoughts and just how this game transpire if I thought, you know a lot of highs and lows and With lightning with their star power and they're scoring ability. You never felt like they were completely out of this game and I just I really impressed with their win tonight. I am to it. I'm impressed. I really think braiding points goal when the lightning fell down early was huge, and you could just see it the confidence that he's playing with the emotion. After some of those goals. I mean, they realized you could see they're so close to the ultimate goal and they're stopping at nothing to get there, and that's evident in their play on the ice, and I thought Dallas put forth a really good performance tonight and it really could have been anyone's game in the end. But once again, it's the special teams battle. And although I thought Dallas certainly cut back on some of the undisciplined penalties, they were not able to get their penalty kill, crush them. The Lightning went three for four on the power play, and you know they had every opportunity in the overtime. With the man advantage to get it done, and it's the lightning who keeps finding ways to come from behind and win. So it's not always gonna be pretty. But I think each player even looking at Janni gored again. You're just seeing different guy. Step up and, you know, play those tough minutes and I thought the lightning you know Michigan and Phil Esposito had said. I thought they did carry playfor more stretches. And although Dallas had their moments on, they surged at times, Vasilevskiy came in the end with a couple big pad saves. And unfortunately huge open couldn't quite make the timely wants to keep his team there. And you know when they when they had the chance to help him out and get a power play goal, they didn't do it either. Now again, let's go to

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