President Trump again refuses to commit to peaceful transition if he loses

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Hello and welcome to the view. Happy Friday to everybody Meghan will be back on Monday Anna. Navarro is here. We're always happy to have her and we WANNA start today by honoring the reason that we're all sitting here actually, which is because of Barbara Barbara Walters Happy Birthday Barbara many more my dear. Nationwide protests. Yes. Nationwide protests continue over the grand jury decision to let cops off the hook for killing Brianna Taylor. Now really that would be calling for calm and unity right right now right But trump is adding fuel to the fire claiming that he's protesting the use of mail in ballots and they may not peacefully transfer power over to Biden if he's voted out, take a look. To See what happens you know that I've been complaining very strongly about the ballots and the ballots are disaster and People are rioting. Do you commit to making sure that there's a little? Blue want to get rid of the ballots and you'll have a very. Very, peaceful, there won't be a transfer, frankly are the election results only legitimate if you win. So we have to be very careful with the ballots, the ballots to hope big scam and we wanna make sure the election is honest and I'm not sure that it can be. I. Don't know that it can be with this whole. Situation unsolicited ballots they're unsolicited million things sent everybody and we'll say. So. I, think he's playing the autocrat just wants to see which Republicans are going to line up behind them like they've done on every other heinous thing he said and done. But what do I know maybe Anna do you know you're a Republican? Do you think they'll fall behind him? Look I think a lot of them are distancing themselves on on this at least you know one thing joy. It's more of the same. Okay. The only thing trump has to offer the American people is fear that's what his campaign is sewing in the hearts of American fear fear of Lalas, fear of socialism fear ballots fear of election results fear of the transition. So this is another attempt at voter suppression. This is another attempt at making Americans fearful of what will happen if he doesn't get. This is another attempt of driving people to some people to the votes out of fear and keeping some people from voting out of fear and it just you know it's not going to work if you see what we saw in Virginia. Where early voting started and people were lining up for blocks and blocks. If people have to walk over molten lava to get to the voting booth I, think many Americans will and the last thing I want to say. Look I fled to Talibanism I've fled communism integral walk in one, thousand, nine, hundred. where I have heard this kind of talk and where I have seen unelected elected leaders try to perpetuate themselves in power is in places like Cuba, where the Castro's have been in power for over sixty years in places like Venezuela with showers and places like Nicaragua with Ortega and with Somoza it's the tater ships that behave this way. It's dictators that behave this way, and this is what Donald Trump is trying to emulate. Yes. It's ironic. Isn't it that they're worried a lot of the people you mentioned a worried about communism but he's the one who's acting like A. Communist. Countries that you're talking about. So Sunday, how how seriously you take in this actually. I'm taking it very seriously and I think we should all take it seriously because this is a president that. says. The quiet part out loud I mean he has no nuance and so he has been challenging the notion of mail in voting from the very beginning even though he submits his ballots by mail in vote. So I think we have to take very seriously and he's been sort of poisoning the well by saying there's going to be this massive voter fraud while I think people need to understand that this has been looked at there is no such thing as massive mailing voter fraud. In fact, the Brennan Center for Justice, it's a non-partisan think tank calculated. The rate of voter fraud and elections at between zero point zero zero, zero, three percent and zero point zero zero to five percent. Okay. Zero percent. So there is no voter fraud, but he's putting it out there and he's been saying it for a long time. So I, think these are the actions of a man who knows that he is going to be outvoted I think he knows he expects to be outvoted, but he wants to hobble that count, and so we have to take him very seriously. We need to take him at his word.

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