Prepare for the ‘iPhone 12 mini,’ suggest recent leaks


Well, according to. Apple, accurate leaker and twitter naming artists love to dream. What a guy. He's a poet he's a philosopher he's also an apple leaker. He says that apple used the name iphone twelve mini for the smallest of four models coming this year. We know the other ones will be called the iphone, twelve, twelve pro and twelve pro Max. The first apple mini product was the ipod mini I remember that little that little guy that little diminutive gadget. Two, thousand four what a cute little device that was breaks in the year after Apple. Introduced the Mac mini which has been updated a few times and then the most recent mini line apple added was the IPAD mini in two thousand twelve a whole cute lineup of mini products. Adding an iphone mini would help unify. Lineup with the IPAD. The naming convention makes lot of sense to although it would add a degree of confusion since the mini would pack a screen that's larger than the iphone se. But the is known for having the smallest display. That's I mean at least in tech circles with normal people maybe not but people realize it's kind of like its own separate thing. So will likely show off the IPHONE wind up sometime next month. We talked about that. If they do love to dream is right. Here's how it's going to hear how here's how it's going to go down. The size will be five point, four inch. iphone twelve mini the six point one, inch, iphone twelve and six point one inch I phone twelve pro and the six point seven inch iphone twelve pro Max surfboard addition. And it will come with a free pair of Kirkland jeans. Or Fanny pack whichever you prefer that you'll have a way to carry your phone wherever you go.

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