Lengthy sections and chapters on the inner workings of former White House aide Rob Porter.


To Tried to turn folks away from the president doesn't seem to be working at least Right. I don't think that the purpose especially of the journalistic accounts are necessarily to turn people you know, in favor of the president or against the president. The purpose is to attempt to to inform and what we do with that information is up to individuals as as voters and the citizens and so to imagine that a book fails or succeeds if it If it if it necessarily, you know, turned some portion of the population in favor of the president or against him is is sort of the wrong yardstick. I think. And you know, but you do see these books influencing the presidential race in some moment, for instance by President Biden has already incorporated some of the some of the Woodward reporting into his his criticisms. Of the president, But I would I would think that that kind of bar is a little unfair for these books. These books are there to give us information in some cases, information that dovetails with what we've been hearing from. Reporters all along and Carlos do these books have appeal to readers is there is there are some of the risks here that there will be just too many trump books and Readers might just, you know, lose interest or the muddled or model a message. You know if they were just so many books coming out about the same topic? Well, that's what publishers and people who follow the book industry have been saying for the last few years, that clearly there will come a point where people will just be sick of these books, right and

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