New York Jets defense bracing for some Buffalo Bills' trickery


Looking at the Jets offense, Adam Gates was quoted as saying this week, Greg that he has a little bit of concern in terms of being properly prepared. For this bills defense he mentioned he mentioned quarter's coverage in particular because he said, We really don't see that kind of a look from the Gregg Williams defense in practice. No. What do you so what do you make of that? And how big an issue could that be knowing all of the time on the field that Every team in the NFL is missed through the course of the spring and summer. Well, it's funny. You say that I did last week. I did a deep dive on the bill defense. I was real curious, because you know you get a totally different feel when you watched 300 snaps in a row versus when I want your team with, you know each week, So you know, with this offseason, I was able to do that, and boy they Number one. They're very fundamentally discipline, but they're a little more multiple, and people might think when they blitz. They blitz a lot of different players from a lot of different spots, but they do play cover for quarters. It's a foundational coverage for Sean McDermott. He did that when he was in Carolina, and he's obviously brought it to Buffalo. And yeah, if you don't see it a lot. I mean, it's not a defense. We go. My God, What do we do? But you know there's certain concepts. That you want to run against quarters. Look, every zone has holes and every zone can't cover everything. Otherwise everybody would play the same zone. So you know there are certain route concepts where you wanted, basically flood zones. You want to attack the safety and the corner in quarters and Adam Gates knows how to do that. It's just they don't practice it a lot in their camp, but he knows how to do that. So we'll see. You know, it's obviously you need repetition against it, and I'm sure they're working on. They've worked on it this week. How much does it mean that the Jets defense who was pretty good at times last year particular with CJ Mosley Jamal Adams in the lineup, But you take those two guys out of it. And how many proven players do they have? And what are they going toe? How will that affect their defense? Greg Williams was one of the best in the league. He's been doing this a long time. You guys obviously know he was in Buffalo for Ah little bit, but it's a d coordinator. I think it's just 20 or 21st year doing this. Hey, knows an awful lot of things. He knows NFL offense. He's He's somewhat limited personnel, but he was a year ago is well and they actually played pretty well. If you want to sum up Greg Williams, you'd probably say that he's aggressive, but he also plays a ton of cover, too.

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