Concerns grow as campuses become the new Covid-19 hotspots


Of the biggest sources of concern right now, our colleges and Universities University of Illinois urbana-champaign was heralded as one of the most comprehensive corona virus plans in the country which included testing more than forty thousand students. Twice a week researchers had anticipated seven hundred positive cases in the entire fall semester. But instead in just under two weeks of classes there have been more than seven hundred cases. University of Wisconsin in Madison. was forced to move all classes online and quarantine students after their outbreaks or passed a thousand cases in just a matter of days university North Carolina in Chapel. Hill. Went to all online instruction days after students return after nearly two hundred cases popped up almost immediately and the theme in all these cases that while universities might have plans to control the virus. And control things in dorms and in in faculty rooms and things like that. College students do a lot of socializing off campus.

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