All the biggest announcements from Ubisoft's Forward event


Forward was yesterday a bunch of stuff got announced. We want to give you a recap of it. immortals. Phoenix rising was revealed of course, gods and monsters re renamed redone. It's covering the December third I. It's coming to deep breath playstation for playstation five, xbox one series series s switch PC. An Stadia on December third stadium however is getting demo before launched that'll be exclusive. Stadia it'll be a unique island. It's coming sometime later this year before December third busing you liked what you play this game yeah. No I enjoyed it like I've said this before, but it's basically you be Saas version breath wild and I think that very much shows each and every way where you have so many of the mechanics and ideas from breath while the climbing and like the the they have a shrine Like replacement in in Gaza and immortals Phoenix rising, they have the open world that is filled with puzzles and all this stuff play lot somewhere at ease. But then also if you'll. If. You'll structured like a Yousof game and I was actually talking to my roommate Michael about this last night. But he was very much like seems like breath breathalyzer came out and it it copied a lot of what you saw is doing and we saw Admiral Hey we can be. Doing I feel like that's a pretty apt way to put it almost when you look at the towers and stuff breath wild. Stuff manifest this. Game though has me excited. For I'm. Coming to next Gen, I think is exciting. I N necessarily expected not to, but this plus came out in. February and so I think I had the question of all right what does this release look like and so that's an exciting thing I. wonder if it looks better, I wonder how I wonder what the differences between the two skews It also coming to switch is really exciting because I was thinking they revealed that surprise me you know especially with the breadth of wild similarities that coming to switch I think is going to be interesting for that audience to see how people will take to it whether people flocked to order people are put off to put off by it. I. My my thing in this isn't me knocking it right breath. The wild part of that game I thought was the journey across the island and making it feel like you're making big steps watching What we saw last night from Phoenix rising. It seemed like traversing the island in getting around seemed quicker. Is that an apt description or is that just what made to look like? I think that's apt but I also wonder how late in the game that is because when I jumped in halfway through I, wonder if we're at the beginning of the game, does heal a lot slower because that is my thing with breath to you a breath breath the wild. One. Of The wild one. Breath wild felt like one of the biggest open world games I played even though it probably like in scale of the map, it probably isn't as like it probably isn't that big you know in reality but the way in which they approach like that journey aspect of it makes it feel like it's huge near exploring all these different things in that like you know you really feel like you're going. Through journey because you're kind of exploring that world slowly and meticulously, and you know, they give you the the paraglider thing early in the game breath wild Ryan so like they give you some of those those those tools to explorer in like go through the island quicker. But even even with that Econo, still feel like you're tracking few and You know really getting everything out of the map. Immoral Phoenix rising when I was playing did feel a bit like quicker and did feel be onto the next thing right? You feel like you are going to the next class breath while didn't really have A. The has system, but it's not as traditional and strict as. A. Lot of other similar open World Games try immoral Phoenix rising does seem to have a quest system that is a bit stricter in terms of, hey, go do this thing called the next question? Do this thing called? The next. Which? I think a lot of people who may not have liked breath wild for that are going to like a moral phoenix rising for its structure. But I think that also means that you might be exploring this game at a particular pace is probably going to be a bit quicker. I don't think it is going to be the man. What is this? What we're here I'M GONNA I'M GONNA check this out like this who unique thing that you've never seen before that that that blows your mind I don't know how those moments you're gonna get but you are going to have like open world puzzles and things that are discoverable just maybe not on the level of breath. Wow. Okay I had zero hype for this game and then washing shows like Oh shit I'd like to play that and I think December's time for to after like the run to black Friday new consoles or out every starting to chill and settle for the holidays. This seems like a game I play in Madame. On top of that, then prison persia the sands of time remake was announced coming January twenty first. Every of the current generation no Nexgen for it your Yuri Lowenthal is back. That's right. Spiderman of self animal prints the original prints from Principia. Exciting for that. Looking forward to playing that I said, every said current is it switched to I don't think I actually did I miss that I'm not sure I. Can you thank you very much check on that hyperscale got a little shoutout it's still free. They showed some stuff I didn't pay attention Rainbow six siege world got something there. But I in the Rainbow six siege way you off on twitter pointed out Upgrade Rainbow six siege. To Jen Councils at no additional cost in play in one hundred and twenty frames per second at four K.. Then, Scott Pilgrim vs the world. The game complete edition was announced. That's coming holiday twenty twenty as well washed. Prime showing WHO's the rapper whose in it? And Watch. Storms he they showed him getting more captive for his rap session. They reiterated October twenty ninth as a release date in the announced that aiden pierce the of protagonist from the originals watchdogs will be part of the season pass. You can get there if you want there is. One Prince Persia knock coming to switch it was. The XBOX IN PS four xbox and PS four. Yeah and then to I would like to apologize to date appears fans I. During the Stream I very much. That hey, nobody's a fan of aiden pierce nobody cares about eating peers. there. Weren't even that many wash dogs. One fans etcetera etcetera. And, yeah, the in Pierce Fans showed up in my mentions let me know they. Let me know they exist inside out here out here issue I like to issue a public apology to every eight and peers fan i. see you I hear you I understand that you exist in frantic. Now, frame did not pop out. There is going to be another ubisoft forward in the coming months. But before then before the end there, one more thing was writers republic Again, from the people who made steep this giant multiplayer online game, you're all doing outdoor shit like riding bikes and snowboarding and jumping off crap and doing races is coming February twenty fifth twenty, twenty one and gamespot reports even though that's after the launch of the. Series x? US. Offering free upgrades from PS four and xbox one versions to their respective next Gen versions, which is a very nice move on their part. Hopefully, they're committed to this. Yeah. Talk about this because you tim immediately lit up for this one and I mean, we started reading twitter. Yeah. I don't know exactly what it is about this game I don't know if there's one thing about this game rows like this me this is what I need but like the more and more they show during that trailer because it was it was a long trailer, the more and Morales like. No. Yeah. This seems like it has a fun like it seems like a fun combination of quite a few ubisoft games. Right has a lot of steep in. It seems like it has some trials in it even seems like it has some far cry in it. When you look at the world and you look at the some of the colors you see an almost has like some rage in it all. You know when you look at when you look at the colors i. I want to know more about what structure of the game is like. Is it battery Al is a like fog is, is it just you're doing a bunch of different activities that that scale based on how many players? There are ten players to thirty whatever I'm more curious about that. But from the stuff they show they show a game that was very similar to graffiti from Tony Hawk. Where graffiti is the game where like it's a multiplayer game where if you do a trick on a ramp or like on a grind or whatever yellow then color that the ramp or or the grind your color, and you are essentially doing as matrix all over the map as you can in order to take over the map versus your opponent almost kind of platoon ish in a way. They showed a game battle is very much that we've made me go. Oh, snap. All right. This seems like it has a lot in in terms of the different, the different ways in which you can have fun. So all about it looks cool. It looks like it's going to grow over time I'm surprised it's coming out so soon.

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