On Ly about 16,000 fans will be allowed in. That's roughly


And he's going to look a lot different from the last time we saw it. Defending Super Bowl champion Kansas City Chiefs will host the Houston Texans tonight in the first game of the season and the first NFL game amid the global pandemic. Two teams will face off in Kansas City's Arrowhead Stadium, one of only five stadiums in the league, letting fans attend games, but it won't be packed on Ly about 16,000 fans will be allowed in. That's roughly 22% of the stadium's capacity. Fans will on Ly be Ableto Park, enter and exit the stadium in their designated zones. That means no wandering around the stadium mask will also be required at all times, even while sitting in or cheering from the seats. The players also following strict guidelines as well with daily covert testing and reconfigured locker rooms for better social distancing. I will be no shaking hands or swapping jerseys after the games, no cheerleaders, our mascot on the field and private planes are on standby. Engaged. Anyone has symptoms of coded or tests positive. We also will have contact tracing devices worn by everyone on the field. All players, coaches and referees and so we'll have some data. Even if we don't have positive test about what type of physical distance has been respected throughout the game. Those that are in and around the Vinci Area will also be in mass and face covering. I mean, so they have thought about everything, and I guess they're going to pipe in crowd noise. That's what they've been doing. That's what they've been doing for the MBA. They've been doing it for the amount of tennis

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