New Fitbit Review


Fit bid introduced its follow up to the fitbit ionic called the fitbit sense and advanced health smartwatch as the company calls it that includes an electro dermal activity or EDA sensor and electro-cardiogramme or e C G measurements plus Google assistant support. The Da Center looks for electrical changes in your skin that might indicate things like stress are you really stressed out might? Be. Able to tell you that you might know that already but it might be something that you'd like to keep you know keep reports of you place your palm over the census display you breathe while it takes measurement, and then the sense also alert you to changes in your body temperature or high or low heart rate that might indicate spikes of some kind fit also. Verse smartwatch and Inspire Fitness Tracker Lions. All of this works better if you pay fitbit premium to keep track of all your data so you get some data and if you want upgrade fifty premium than it's all. Pre orders are now open for the fitbit sense that goes for three hundred, thirty US dollars the fitbit versa three for two, hundred, thirty dollars and the fitbit inspire two for one hundred dollars all shipping in late September.

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