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Good at ten forty five am where hopefully all technology God's will be. Really. Good. They were really helpful So hopefully, they're feeling nice and generous again. I think you'll do just fine. You guys crushed it last time I'll be looking in the chat always because I'm going to be prepping for another appearance on twitch gaming the weekly which we immediately following opening night lives. So when you guys are done watching that with Britain's on Bay, hopefully, you can pop on over twitch, dot TV, slash twitch gaming, and watch me. A host, the weekly, which should be lots of fun, and then we also have our regular streams though tonight reno streaming. Wednesday. I'll be back and if you guys missed our patriot streams from over the weekend, you can, of course, catch those archives that Patriot dot com slash. What's good game? It was some fun ones. We played a lot of fog is got crown. Signing and didn't look like you were going to get that ground three fog is ahead of you but we're always area believe in yourself. We believe in you and you got it. That was the first crown ever seen grabbed in my in my life, which is really I it was really. Really, fog as for what like three hours Gosh, yeah. Well, we were playing with our patrons and we were having a couple difficulties getting people in and out of games because of friend and privacy settings, which you know is a thing that happens. So we did have eventually get everybody in. In Played Games with folks. So that was fun. Yeah. Yeah but enough with our announcements because boy oh boy, do we have a ton of news to talk about today? So we're GONNA go ahead and kick things off with a little bit of a recap from DC, Fan Dome. So if guys missed it, if you were off social media, all weekend Warner Brothers DC had their big fan event and they showed a ton of stuff. There was a lot of TV and movie things but. There were also worse in game reveals that we had been highly anticipating. We got a first look at suicide squad, kill the Justice League but the one that I'm very excited about and we're going to start with is Gotham Knights. So this is details directly from the press release from Warner Brothers Gotham Knights is in development, and it is a brand new open world third person action RPG video game as a lot of descriptive words so. I am going to go ahead and show you guys a little bit of this trailer. So not only did they do cinematic trailer, but they also did a really nice game walk through, which is something that I was not anticipating US getting right away. So I was pumped that we got to see this. So some more details about this game we knew it was in development for Warner Brothers Montreal that was confirmed and it features the Batman family as players step into the role of back girl night wing Red Hood, and Robin, a new guard of trained DC superheroes who must rise up as protectors of Gotham. City in the wake of Batmans death. So that's what we're seeing in this trailer rate. Here is the opening where Batmans like Yo if you're watching this I'm dead now it's up to you to protect. Gotham. So this is an original story set in DC's Batman Universe Gotham Knights is going to offer our dynamic and interactive Gotham city. You were an exploding criminal element has swept through the streets with the Belfry as their base of operations. A new era of heroes will solve mysteries connect the darkest chapters in the city's history where they must defeat notorious villains in epic confrontations between boy you gotTa love a good press. Save. Gotham from a descent into chaos and reinvent themselves into their own version of the Dark Knight. It's playable solo or as to player online co op, and it's going to be available in twenty twenty one for playstation five places four playstation four pro, the xbox one family of devices including the xbox series x and the xbox, one X and. ooh. What do you? What do you think ladies? Is Batman really did. I. Think. So I think. Like. BEAT UNDER WORM fodder flowers sprout out of his body. I feel well, he's not. I feel like there's something going on. I don't know I feel like all these Games depths aren't as permanent as. They are in real life. So maybe maybe some some fun twist in the third. act. He stood there has been some fan speculation Joey, you are correct that they're going to pull a fast one and bring Batman back at some point I don't know if that's the case but I honestly think it would be smart of them too. Because as cool as this trailer is and I'm going to get to the game plan just a second I. think There's no disputing that Batman is. Star child like he is the guy that brings all the boys. So the. Accurate but what were your first impressions of this announcement? I loved IT I. I was really keeping up with like all the rumors and stuff like this on this game I was just like spoke to see what we're going to get. So the fact that Barbara Gordon is label is very exciting because I love her this outfit that is like. Very similar to the BAPS tar outfit from the comics looks really good and I think it's fun that they're bringing in all of these other side characters because it's night winging everybody really likes Dick Grayson Jason Todd, and then I don't know do you know if they've played confirmed which wrong on maybe they have which robin it is. I'm I haven't looked those specific details, but I'm sure that DC boys and panel world have gone over this frame by frame. and looked at every single piece of minutia that is available in these trailers. The game that looks really fun. I'm glad that it is there's also an option for. Solo playthrough. Sometimes. It's hard especially when it's only two people if you're trying to play through with like one a person to find the time to do it. So so low playthrough will be fun I don't know all of this looks really exciting to me. I think it looks to as I'm so happy Joey's here to talk about this because I know nothing about any of this stuff superheroes have just never really been my thing it's like trees but what's really exciting is the fact that it is co op in I do enjoy any superhero type games I liked arkham asylum. I like Arkham city. You liked that aspect of it warning about the new enemies in the lower behind them just from what you get from the in Game Code Codex and whatnot, and the fact that it's Co op to sounds fun. I mean the characters themselves don't really do anything for me. So early I mean obviously know who Robin Becker was and whatnot but Like I'm sold I've seen enough like I'll definitely give it a shot. Yeah I think that there's a lot of there was a lot of excitement for this online which I absolutely understand. There's a long history of Arkham Games and obviously definitely in the style of the Arkham series, we know that weren't Montreal worked on origins. They clearly origins kind of looked at as like the black sheep of the family. There are people that defend it very vehemently which I think is there right. I think there's no question that it had a couple of issues that. Fans are hoping that were brothers, Montreal. It's going to address and maybe what I tweeted would learn from what are some of the lessons learned from the Development Cycle of origins to what they're going to bring into Gotham Knights I. Think it's great that you know the Co op is there something we certainly haven't seen before I'm going to be interested to see how that's going to work from a lovely perspective I, think that's kind of the big question mark for me is, how are these RPG elements going to work I watch a couple youtubers talking about the comparisons of this game to. Super Hero Games obviously the one to one comparison against avengers was widely out there. But these are completely different games and I think the fact that this is open world events as a hub world where you go on separate missions where here you get to traverse the world with your partner is a gigantic difference and having four people versus two people is also a big difference and I think it's

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