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Lady Melania Trump will headline the second night of the Republican National Convention. NPR's Sam Greenglass report shall speak from the White House Rose Garden. The Rose Garden has seen a lot of history. President Kennedy greeted astronauts there, and it's where President Nixon's daughter got married. Tonight it will host Melania Trump's big convention speech. The Rose Garden just reopened after a multi week revamp overseen by the first lady. Critics were already complaining about the White House prioritizing a garden project in the middle of a pandemic. Now, some government watchdogs say using the White House as a campaign backdrop could violate federal ethics laws. Tonight's convention theme is Land of Opportunity. Two of Trump's Children will speak as well as Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and a slate of conservative activists. Sam bring glass. NPR news. The father of a black man shot by police Sunday, says his son is paralyzed, and it's not clear at this point whether the damage is permanent Police in Kenosha, Wisconsin, shot 29 year old Jacob Blake in the back multiple times as he was leaning into his SUV. Please. We're responding to a domestic incident that Blake had reportedly been trying to break up after a second night of violent protests. Blakes mother, Julia Jackson appealed for calm.

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