Tropical Storms Headed to the Gulf of Mexico


Down south, There's another hurricane on the horizon. Laura has been upgraded from a tropical storm tropical storm that is, and it's gathering strength as the system heads toward the Gulf Coast. Experts say Laura could be a Category three by the time it makes landfall tomorrow, with a hurricane warning up from San Luis, past Texas to Intracoastal City, Louisiana. Correspondent Kenneth Moten tells us there's also a storm surge watching Texas areas are under mandatory evacuation. Starting today. We're looking at, you know, 4 FT Tide just a 4 FT Tide hits the Sea will now that the threat of back to back hurricanes has dissipated. For many, the preparations feel run of the mill. There's one thing here in Louisiana. We know how to do is shot for a storm, but officials warn anyone in the storm's path to stay

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