My Garden Has Been Taken Over by Weed. Kill Them Now or in Spring?


Oh. We also had a question at Fred at plan talk radio DOT COM from John, and he says due to reasons beyond my control. This this goes for a lot of us. This year my garden has been taken over by weeds and grasses, and he says, should I sprayed kill them before plowing under this fall? Well, I'm going to say it's probably best to do. So especially if he's let them into the flower head stage and seed stage. Now. It's not gonNA make a tremendous amount of difference. And it depends on a bit what. What the composition of the weeds a- If they're perennials. Then, I'd go ahead and do the spraying the by perennials. I mean plantain Buckthorn But Korn. Danta lines, clover, violets, those things that will come back on their own route. I would say it's best to get them killed and knock down however when you turn new ground. there is a range of seed content in that soil in the top at least eight inches. If not more, you're going to bring up some fresh seeds. You don't get rhythm all at one time. However, I guess ask to answering the question. If there if it's heavy and perennials, I would go ahead and get my just if it's just foxtail and crabgrass and well, I don't even know what else to say I don't think he would have to. But because the first frost or freeze here is GONNA kill those guys but the the the ones that I mentioned I are. Coming back there on on their own route, the dandelions the little puff balls at. Around in the Are Now plants of on new route they're anywhere from an inch and a half to three inches wide and they're just waiting to be ugly later this fall and or next spring. So I think to kill is probably going to be an advantage but just so he doesn't think he's going to have all clean soil to start over with in the spring some of that stuff's going to come back and come back but I think the the starting point would be to spray and kill and Most of the things that you would. will be needed to will need to go onto live growth be absorbed by the plant taken to the root root dies, and then the top ghost is more or less the essence of it, and therefore I would say get it done soon. A. Most. Is and so on the veggies have been more or less harvested and done. So I think soon here because we've got less than thirty days now for well approximately thirty days for for lawn grows grass growth and so on I think that's the best way to go.

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