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Tell me about this movie. Why? Why? Why this movie now cutthroat city to War Katrina Shamikh it the trailer is amazing. Tell me about this movie long. Hamas. Start talking about the movie without sandbox La Brother a long time acknowledging your hairstyle. Acknowledging each other's beards. Dante Very Long. I haven't cut anything in a while you have accrediting theater while. If you want to acknowledge you the first two time guest on this show. So I appreciate that Bongbong Quantity without grades I got breaks down so That's how we doing anyway a man's treasure to. Talk to you again but this film right here. This is like our this is me really conti myself down as a filmmaker. Based in New Orleans after. Noted with aftermath, of Hurricane Katrina. You Watch. These four young men who have always asked rations in charge of desperation. And desperation. Lead. US down the rabbit hole. Was We all know? And hopefully, the goal of the for me as a filmmaker is spire. Out The desperation what could be desperation? Trauma Nation. And that's kind of you know. Kind of summarize the. Trying to do here. That's what the film is aiming to show. I know you're a student of film. So what are the films that are most inspiring your vision of this one like it did you make a mood board or at least in your mind you're like I wanna take a piece of this piece of this a piece of this and make it my own like what is what is what are the fathers of this? And it is definitely I'll. Be, honest with you small struggle with no in class struggle as young black men in our neighborhood. Movie You saw the Cina. Right I experienced things that he trauma neighborhood apart unanimity and also experienced myself in A. Good Adelaide. And a lot of not getting out and so when I got screenplay got invite the screenplay was led by my buddy all. Ready. ACCOST Hurricane Katrina was a tragic thing for. Country, you know we have to your anniversary of the right now and it thanks don't seem to change much in this country right? A sense of. How fasteners? Post the black community or the community more, it hurts other communities because see right now the fan denic, right but even if this story was set. In Flint, Michigan would water was bad or Saturday Chicago is south bothers is going through the struggles. Or set right on Staten Island Faulk, hill either either place. Is destroyers relevant but this one is set a Katrina and and these guys may turn to that desperation. It becomes. A high school, it will lead the films that kind of. Inspired like you know like feelings I'll turn to. I think John Singleton Boys Hood was a great example of somebody trying to get out. Get the situation, the neighborhood itself what the situation was under holding a man I thought John Degree Job John. Nash Story. You Go back to F Gary Gray or set it off. You know what I'm. Trying. To figure out, you know

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