Hank Aaron: Breaking the Home Run Record


On April Eighth Nineteen seventy four Atlanta Braves outfielder Henry Louis Aaron better known as Hank, his seven hundred fifteenth home run finally breaking the record of the legendary Babe Ruth like everyone else in the country I've been following errands pursuit of the record since the previous season. He played in the Negro Leagues in the Early Nineteen Fifties, and now here he was just two home runs away new but the excitement was undercut by a sense of alarm as errands quest unleashed a torrent of vicious racism baseball is the quintessential American sport. Now, an African American, a dark skinned black man challenging the power, the supremacy of baseball and of white men. That's why the hate mail death threats bomb threats. This was driving a stake at the heart of American culture. Has All this made you more aware than you're a black baseball player? I've never forgotten. Later, he would confess that he was afraid. He wouldn't live long enough to break the record. Then at the start of the nineteen, seventy, four season. All. Of all. Errands triumph was electrified By the end of his Major League career nine, thousand, nine, hundred, seventy, six, he had hit a total of seven hundred and fifty five home runs. Errands record would stand for more than thirty years. The braves retired his number and he was elected to the hall of fame. To. This Day Hank Aaron is considered one of baseball's greatest players.

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