How Can I Prune a Wild Looking Elderberry Plant?


I have both the common and black lace elderberry. The black lace is better behaved but the common one has crazy growth. The stems also seemed to be quite fragile. Can you please tell me when and how to Prune it? I'm laughing because of the description I'm going to start with the black lace I just lost mine last year it has probably been twenty. Twenty plus years in a given spot. Now, it started off with multiple stems as they do I decided. To try something so I cut away the extra stems left one good solid when in in the middle of the crown and it grew to the point of having about a three inch diameter trunk under it, it stood Twelve feet tall at the very tallest part and probably eight to ten wide. It just simply expired based on time as far as I know No, it was well behaved I, had to prune it but it was like. The heroine, a scarecrow. On the common one one of the is when I used to hunt. Along well, we'd end up near railroad track and turned away from that. There was a given plant, a natural and native plant as unkempt as a plant can be each year got bigger and so on I I'm GonNa say then having seen that one multiple times and then exposed to others along the way I think it's kind of a natural thing and she just needs to prune it and in the flowers on new stems she could prune. Well anytime up until. I. Suppose. Middle of our well, let's just say the beginning of April because it would be setting new new stems and things get it managed. Or restricted at before that point in time and let it go ahead and flower. The flowers are nothing remarkable per se and in terms of a white. As she's noted, but at the same time, it can be just full of flowers when it's in bloom and it's particularly outstanding with creamy white flour against the black lace fully. So I think she's dealing with a natural situation and It's just like an unruly kid you gotta deal with it a little bit more often.

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