Malik Jackson: Washington Did Not Want to Kneel With Philadelphia Eagles


Millie Jackson reveal what the team was hoping to do for Social justice demonstration before their game last week. It's called abuse. Dave You ran this past Sunday, the Eagles in the Washington football team locked arms in midfield during the plain of lift every voice and sing. Then the birds went inside for the national anthem. Malik Jackson said yesterday. The Eagles would have liked to take a knee along with Washington right before kickoff. But he said Washington wasn't on board. Both teams take a knee and then declined the penalty and kick the ball off. But Heart logistically, Jackson said he would like to do something tangible making really statements not not holding arms. During his zoom press conference, Jackson was worrying a red hat that said, Make America arrest. The cops who killed Briana Taylor with great again crossed off, Jackson said. It was good. The city of Louisville pay Taylor's family $12 million, but added and change the culture of citizens paying tax dollars toe. Fun what the police are doing out here. So if we could get the police unions that are back on these guys to do stuff, you know, have them start paying like we have to pay out our money and we have contact at two minutes or anything will be a lot better example. Dave, you ran K Y.

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