Love Island USA Season 2 | September 15 Recap


The drama. Hello everyone, and welcome back to our love island recap I'm your host Hurson McGinnis as always. I am joined by my wonderful co host Brian scally to break down the. Bananas, week we've had so far skelly. How's it going? Oh I am good. Excited to talk about the finale of Casa. Finally after they made us wait. which feels like a month and a half ago without much has happened since then I don't think any of the couples are the same as they were two days ago. But you know I am doing good excited to be talking about this batch. Yeah. This was a big one. We definitely scheduled this week. Wrong. That's on us, but they scheduled this week raw. Okay Yeah it's their fault not us. League why couldn't the country music stuff have been Tuesday? Whatever it's fine. We are joined for this jam-packed episodes by a great guest. You have heard her on a bunch of big brother podcasts so far and she has her own youtube channel so. Subscribe. Everybody. Chantal Francis How's it going? Hello Hello Oh my God. I'm so excited to be talking about love. Island I've just been obsessed with show I, watch all the UK versions and I was nonplus about the season. One of the US but season two has been like it's been making my summer of two, thousand, twenty knocking. Yeah this I think we've been raving this whole time about how the casting is just right this year the twists have been a bit better. It's just a a nice breath of fresh air compared to everything else on. CBS Right now. lutely absolutely, and so you've watched all the UK have you watched Australian Love Island before I have I have that's our like. Black hold knowledge and SPA everything's go. I mean I don't specifically remember it but like I watched it when it was on air. A little bit of the gossip of the winning couple i. what happened after the Fad came? Inch and then we will message you because. Normally I watch the UK seasons like well after scally does and then when I'm done, he gives me all of the dirt and the gossip and everything that happened. So I'll be looking to you for that for the Australian. I can do agree watch. Content so enjoyable that like I don't really get sick of it. So I could maybe do it with you and we can kind of chat about it seemed time. I would love that Oh my God. Okay. Perfect cell. US violent. Basically they stopped on Friday. Saying. It's time to couple from Casa more and then. Left us in the Lurch I think they showed some stuff in the Saturday recap but. I didn't watch it because again, we all serve a day off. But I think honestly. It should just just go with like. What couples are I think like I don't even think it's Worth and it's kind of like how it started Blake night. Sunday epic Sunday episode that two our special which they need to stop doing that. Like.

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