How Do I Do the Baby Steps on Disability?


Eddie's weathers in Salt Lake City Hi Eddie how can we help? Rachel. Talked to you today you to what's up. Well I I'm wondering how my baby step journey actually is going to look I. most of my. Is actually from disability income. and I've somehow managed to make myself to pass baby sent three gut and. Now, I'm looking at. Trying to save for. The future and possibly by home Do you make a smaller earned income so I'm able to contribute to A. Roth IRA. But. I'm just Kinda wondering that doesn't quite get me to the fifteen percents. And I'm wondering how to do that and balance three be at the same time. On this kind of income. So what is your income? Make about. Forty eight, thousand from disability. What is the nature of your disability? blind blind. Okay. All. Right and who pays. Its from a workplace insurance policy thought I was actually injured on the job my goodness I'm sorry. Are you have you lost one hundred percent of your side or just most of it? Good Chunk of it. I still have. Some people would call functional being able to see. Some objects just no find detail at all just generally you can walk around the room but but but the idea of opening up a website and looking at it's off the off the off the out of the options. What are you doing for your extra earn money? I'm actually still teaching. On teaching. The subject that was trained in. So I was teaching chemistry. Able to do that still how That's so cool. How do you have been doing it for thirty? Years doing it all from memory. YEA, pretty? Much. Okay. All right and you got the lesson plans in Braille or whatever have you learned Braille I have some adaptable software Screen thing okay. Well, good and then after thirty five years off thing or two about it. Yeah. Yeah. That's promising. That's promising. Okay. Cool. Well, the reason I ask all these questions is on your right you can you you know you're doing good and how long ago was the accident? Seven years ago. Okay. How old are you? forty, seven you're over your and overcoming man you've been getting it I'm proud of you and your your impression. Thank you. So I, mean because that's a life altering to say the least and some people just get paralyzed and you just kept rolling man good for you. All right. So how much do you make teaching Eddie? Kind of. It's been as little as about. Nine thousand. And it's been as much as about thirteen. It's all depend on. You know how much I get person master? Okay. Yeah while say because between that and your disabilities or are you are you married kids family situation? Not just me. Okay. Well, I was GONNA say that's a relatively. Average income. That's the positive part is how to do the steps in disability is that people are doing it with this amount of income they're just working their way through it. So if you wanted to pause baby step forward to do baby step three B and go ahead and save up that down payment, you could for a short period of time just kind of accelerate that and actually get that quick win faster than if you were putting your money into that Roth Ira so you could do that as an option. Yeah. I agree I think you're getting there. Let me tell you what I'm hearing I'm hearing you got. Big Future ahead of you. And you've been through hell and so it might be harder for you to grasp that future but. I think I think you could do it I think you could I think you could do tutoring. Thank you. Could you might double your income If you push around and think about this a little bit you don't have to but you're just a survivor man I mean you've gotten after it. I'm so proud of you. So I would be continuing to think about ways you could do the teaching because you know your stuff like you said and anything you can do to get your income up, of course, accelerates all of these issues.

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