The inbound Kennedy trips going to cost you 35 on the outbound side.


Heating and cooling caravans of cars Flood downtown Chicago for a Mexican independence celebration. White Sox traded clinch a playoff spot today in business after the first half hour of trading on Wall Street. The Dow is down 230 points. NASDAQ Down more than 140 points Now update on WG and traffic with Vicky Cocoons, Ian. Good morning, we have a new crash in Lake Forest and route 43, just south of Everett. Also on your travel times. The Edens either with either direction from like cooked to the junction is looking good at 15 minutes, the inbound Kennedy trips going to cost you 35 on the outbound side. Still a little bit heavy due to an earlier crash that we've been working on all morning. But now all lanes have been re open. 40 minutes out to the airport. Inbound Eisenhower from 3 92. Downtown's at 39 35 on the inbound Stevenson from 3 55 to Lakeshore Drive. I 57 Bishop Ford Clear getting into the Dan Ryan merge and the Dan Ryan at about 20 minutes in from 95th. I'm Vicky. Conclusion from the idea. Traffic Senate reminding you to drive responsibly. It really is a matter of life or duck. Cara events of cars flooded downtown Chicago last night is thousands of people gathered to celebrate Mexican independence despite the official city celebration being canceled. Fijians. Glenn Marshall. He's downtown this morning. Streets are finally quiet, but it was a totally different look. Early this morning Wednesdays celebrations could be seen across downtown. Thousands of cars were packed with people

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