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Texas. And there's so many of the people that were there came up to me after me and asked me that question. You know what more can we do? What can we do here and I think one of our goals has to be As patriots to influence the people in our spears of influence, and I don't know who that is. I don't know if that's our church group. If that's our small group that's our women's Bible study. If that's our organization like you're working within the Republican Party there in Ohio, but You know, we've got Tio always be mindful that it's important that we as patriots influence other people to be patriots, and it's not enough sometimes to just say, Well, I'm a Republican and vote for the right person. Mom we've got you know, I remember during the first trump election I was saying to people that's fine that you don't want a vote for President Trump. You have that right here in America. Please don't call yourself a patriot.

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