Alabama and Florida are cleaning up after Hurricane Sally.



We may actually get a little bit of fall weather, less heat and less humidity as we head into the weekend. Today, it's a 30% chance of showers and storms. Upper 80 Stallone nineties but a 20% chance of thunder shower tomorrow, upper eighties toe low nineties Saturday's dry and cooler mid to upper eighties for high Saturday I'm meteorologist Terry Smith from the Weather Channel. It's 82 degrees of Galveston. It's 79 K T. R H top tax defenders. 24 hour Weather Center Katie are each news time 901 Our top story Governor Greg Abbott will update the state's cove in 19 situation at noon today, he's expected to announce more re openings, the number of new daily cases and hospitalizations. Has been down by over 50% from the height of the summer spike. Alabama and Florida are cleaning up after Hurricane Sally. The former Category two hurricane is now a tropical depression as it continues to dump heavy rain over the Southeast. The storm left a trail of destruction in both Florida and Alabama over 370 people have been rescued from heavy flooding in the Florida Panhandle alone. The National Hurricane Center is keeping an eye on low pressure system over the southwestern Gulf of Mexico. It could potentially impact us in the greater Houston area. Forecasters say there's a 70% chance that system could become a tropical depression by the weekend. Weekly jobless claims

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