Some Civilian Oversight Commission Members Call On Los Angeles County Sheriff Villanueva To Resign


Divide between L. A county Sheriff Alex Villanueva and the civilian oversight Commission may not be able to be repaired after two members called for his resignation today. Meanwhile, Meanwhile, the the sheriff sheriff may may face face a a lawsuit lawsuit from from the the county county alleging alleging his his deputies deputies violated violated the the First First Amendment Amendment rights rights of of an an L. L. A A news news reporter. reporter. Oversight Oversight commissioners commissioners did did vote vote unanimously unanimously for for L. A County Council to review what laws govern Sheriff's deputies and the media and protesters in public areas requesting county Council come back. Within 30 days with what is constitutional that the sheriff can do. L. A county's inspector general, also investigating the department for the arrest of a local radio reporter Saturday night covering a protest. The sheriff has said that she was not properly credentialed that she interfered with a deputy making an arrest in 1 48, obstructing a peace officer specifically provide the recording video of a peace officer is not obstruction. Inspector General Max Huntsman says he's made requests for information of the County sheriff, but that the department is not cooperating. Craig figure Can X 10 70 NewsRadio, A

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