Hurricane Sally starts lashing Gulf Coast as it churns at sluggish pace


Storm Sally isn't done yet. More than 20 million Americans are still under a flash flood watch. Let's get the forecast now from CBS is Lonnie Quinn, Lonnie. Okay, Nora, let's get right to it because the latest information is we have a storm that's getting weaker in terms of wind speeds right now, about 60 mile per hour winds still moving slowly little quicker than it was yesterday. Now at seven MPH. It's moving to the Northeast. So who gets the rain from this point forward? Anywhere from Georgia up to say, Southern Virginia could see quite a bit of rain. We're talking 4 to 8 inches of rain and anywhere north of D. C. You're gonna be spared because this will get steered out to sea by a cold front. Speaking of out to see Look at all the storms we have out there We have Teddy. Vicki could very well have Wilfred forming over the next few days could also have Alfa. We're gonna go to the Greek alphabet that could form In the next few days. Even beta is possible, just rolling off the cow, the Africa Coast, But what takes place with Teddy? That's when we want to watch because we think this will become a major hurricane, a Category three As it moves right towards Bermuda again, they could be dealing with their second hurricane in a week's time and then continuing. Up towards northern New England and main that is not nor a hot spot that is known for tropical activity. But this stranger of 2020 just continues in all facets. I

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