Philadelphia Parents Weighing Whether To Send Kids Back To School Or Participate In Digital Academy


About sending the kids back to school buildings in the fall now have the option of a completely online education registration open now for what the school District calling it's digital Academy Kyi. W's Mike Leonardo has the story. The district is offering an all digital education for students who don't want to physically attend school because of covert 19. The new digital academy would provide most of the offerings off their assigned school. But students who opt for the academy would not be able to participate in any in person activities. The digital academy is part of Superintendent William Heights Hybrid Corona virus Back to school plan, Height told parents on Facebook live. The district would ensure that students will be six feet apart. When they're in schools two days a week. We're actually going to prep all classrooms. If we can only get eight Children in the class and maintained six foot distancing. That's all the Children that could be in that class teacher and parents, Zoe Rooney, though in an interview question whether social distancing was possible. I also just don't think it's physically feasible. Given the amount of space we have the amount of staff and we have and the amount of students that are typically in a class, too. Make any of it happened. Hi presents his plan to the school board this evening. Mike DiNardo, Kois, HEAVILY NewsRadio. President Trump in Attorney General Bill

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