7-Year-Old Boy Dies, 5 Others Hospitalized, When Boat Flips Over On South Branch Of Chicago River


In Chicago say they're still looking at what led to a building incidents on the Chicago River. They left a seven year old boy did last night. It already is updated reporters last hour that we give him steroids for life of the news. Lying with the update. Lisa seven year old boy died and five others were hospitalized when a boat flipped over on the south branch of the Chicago River near the Chinatown neighborhood. Authorities say. Seven year old Victor Lobato of the Little Village Village neighborhood neighborhood was was wearing wearing a a life life vest, vest, as as were were the the others, others, according according to to Deputy Deputy District District chief chief Jason Jason Locke, Locke, with with the the Chicago Chicago Fire Fire Department Department under under the the initial initial Reports Reports that that we we got got they they were were having having this gentleman owned the vessel himself. He was passing another vessel and For some reason, the waves conditions were not sure it's under investigation as to how they capsize. We're not 100% sure right now and that it's still under investigation, So that's the best information I can give you right now. Nine people ended up in the water and divers were able to rescue them. The seven year old was found unconscious under the overturned boat and later died at a hospital. Five people were hospitalized in good condition, three refused medical treatment.

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