HR 2: Friday Scoop - burst 7

Mason & Ireland


Go backwards and shutdown again. So tough. You know maybe out of the bottle at this point, the idea was we had a month shutdown if we could have held on for another month shutdown, we probably wouldn't be the corona capital of the universe. Can you walk that back. It. Okay. So this guy's name was he was the head of healthcare under President Obama. His name is Andy Slavic. And he started a twitter tae does a podcast now. He started a twitter thread laying out how we could end cove it now. And after reading it you but the heart of his plan is you go back. And basically shut everything down again. I don't think this federal government is willing to do that. If. People are even willing to comply. Yeah and I and I don't think Lindsay. You say you're I think we're allowed to say you're in Ohio right now you say, only half the people wearing masks, right? that was the case earlier earlier in the month I guess late last month but now they made it a mandate in almost every every county that has over a thousand people in it. So it's mandated in all the public places, but I still see people that aren't following the way they should. Yeah Alexandria if if if only I think would be okay. If people would just wear their F- and mass just where your mask it's it's not that hard. It's not that bad. Did you see mace that our Buddy Bryan? CRANSTON. Came out and talked about he had it and his quote was where you're damn mask. Yeah. Yeah. I was texting with him today he's He says it's the case isn't too bad not too bad. All right. There you have your radio tinder for dinner. I thank you very much. Lynn's. Coming up next for you we'll circle back to the big stories today Lakers, win last night. They beat the clippers also baseball may be on the. Of A shutdown will explain that coming up next for you mason and Ireland

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