Philadelphia's Academy of Natural Sciences reopens with new safety measures


Sciences Sciences at at Drexel Drexel University University is is reopened reopened after after closing closing its its doors doors due due to to the the pandemic. pandemic. Is Is Kay Kay would would abuse abuse Kimberly Kimberly Adams Adams tells tells us us public public safety safety and and comfort comfort going going to to be be their their top top priority. priority. The The second second that that we we shut shut up up shop, shop, we we began began to to think think what is the world gonna need when we reopened? Academy of Natural Sciences of Drexel University President Dr Scott Cooper says his team has been planned mode since the pandemic began. We spoke to our members and our visitors to make sure that we're providing something that they wanted, and most importantly, made me feel safe restrictions are in place on the number People who can enter the building at one time, so there's a lot of breathing room for everybody. They can feel comfortable. They're not going to be shoulder to shoulder with people outside of their social part sign. It will show people how to navigate the facility. There will be hand sanitizer cleaners working, too, and no one is permitted without a mask and help with crowd control. We've also got time ticketing, You need to book your slot on the hour. As far as exhibits the academy's picking up where we left off with Lulu, the two toed sloth so Lulu will be back, surviving the slowest with it's torrential ascend tortoises, plus a wildlife photography. Sedition and much more. There's much to enjoy. But there's much to watch out for as well. For more

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