Jamal Adams Traded, Knicks New Coach! Lou Will at the Strip Club? WYR & Monday Mailbag - burst 08


Lamar's and if he was just on crack. Seattle cracking the crack risk cracking fan. I would I would love to see someone like Lamar or one of those top tier athletes who make it look so easy like when he's running by someone. Is he thinking like all right I got Juke or just comes so naturally that he'd like skates by them. Maybe a punt returner, any punt returner because it's just like. Right right. He's like. Get up and down Oh James Dolan. He's not an athlete that doesn't count on my questions. I'm trying to bring the Nixon to this onto Monday mail bag with two questions number one are we only have one question? That very did one. Yeah, we already did one. Here's our second. This is from SAV. Savisaar Youtube. Better actually. He sent in this question, which was pretty fun. It's a two part question there you got which first round matchup that is possible would be the most competitive, and which first round matchup. Would you be most interested in storyline specific player plan on time player to player matchup? I love this question. This question gets me pumped. Sure we'll talk about this Thursday

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