#787: Dunkirk (Nolan #8) / Nolan Awards - burst 12



From Chris Voss you can improve your Mexican cooking skills from Gabriella Kamara, or you can do what I did and learn how to shoot a jump shot like steph curry. My Best Ball playing days are long over at Adam many years ago I gave that up. But my watching days I've gotten even more into the NBA have loved watching Steph curry play and he's one of the teachers. One of the seventy five exclusive classes that are taught by masters you know and love you can actually access masterclass in an APP so you can watch it on your phone of course you. Can Watch it via the web or Apple TV, and they've got a whole variety of topics again, top by world class masters whether you're interested in TV writing game. Design Investigative Journalism maybe French Pastry fundamentals maybe jump shooting there will definitely be a masterclass for you

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