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Or it could not. We just don't know yet. We need to wait another day or two. But, you know, we saw the big outbreak on the Marlins and that's in MLB Eastern Division. They split into geographic divisions. East, Central and West. ST. Louis is in the central, so they've had no contact with the Marlins. So if we see a big outbreak, like we did on the Marlins happen on the Cardinals in that suggests that this is just going to keep happening and that maybe you do need to think about suspending the season, But I'm not saying that right yet. You know, In some ways, it's kind of Interesting that these teams are all sort of canaries in the coal mine. I mean, you can kind of see what each one does and how they do or don't get infected. Are there lessons that people outside of these teams and other spheres of the economy can learn from this? Well, I think what you see is something that we already knew, which is that a lot of close contact among people living in communities, particularly communities with a lot of virus like Miami. You know, the virus can move through a group like that pretty quick. Flee and we've seen outbreaks on, you know, high school football teams, meatpacking plants, prisons, basic training in the army. If you have a lot of people in close contact, and you're not doing very, very frequent, very fast turnaround testing, including of asymptomatic people in the virus can rip through any of those groups. I know you've advised leagues and and I don't know if we can place fault here. But if there is a fault is it with the players in their union or the league officials and the team owners? Oh, I don't think we know enough to place any fault yet, and even then, I don't think that would be The truth is to have any chance of playing in a bubble or not. Everybody needs to work together and be pulling in the same direction and everybody's goal needs to be the same, which is to have the season finished. But on ly if you can provide a safe environment for players, staff and their families, that has to be the goal of everyone involved, or it's going to end in disaster fair to say it turned out to be a good choice by the Canadian government to shut down the border to Major league baseball. I have to say it looks like a better choice. Now. Honestly, a couple of weeks ago, I thought that you know if everybody was being tested every other day. That team's going to Toronto would not be a major risk for an outbreak but II and clearly revisiting that. Now imagine if the Marlins that started this season in Toronto. That would have been an absolute nightmare. Dr Bini. Thank you. Doctor is Zachary Benny He's an epidemiologist professor of data sciences at Emory University.

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