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Just listening. Tio our guest in the last segment you know talking about, you know, they weren't on the ground in that last 10 days. I am curious why people would have, you know, changed their mind or done something different in that last 10 days. I I It's interesting to me that it would come down to that last 10 days for people, especially, you know, four years ago, the research did you dramatic, different difference between Hillary Clinton. And Donald Trump on, I would say the same thing about 2020. There's such a dramatic difference between Joe Biden and Donald Trump. I don't know how you can sit on a fence, although, although I have had I have heard from a lot of Ah, you know, supporters of the president. There are some things that they really like about the president. But then there's some other things that give them pies. And so they just don't know how to Teo reconcile that same thing with Joe Biden. You know, there's some things in policy things they like about him. But then there's some things that give them pies.

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