Anthony Bottom, Convicted Of Killing 2 New York Police Officers In 1971 Ambush, Granted Parole


There are some unhappy people after the New York State Parole Board granted the release of a former member of a black militant group convicted of killing two NYPD officers 49 years ago like a punch to the gut. That's how Diane P. Argentina describes news that her husband's killer will be paroled next month he needed to stay behind bars. For what he did. He should have been behind bars for his life in 1971, Anthony bottom, and two other Black Liberation Army radicals ambushed and assassinated police officers Joe Piacentini and Waverly Jones in Harlem. They walked up behind Waverly and my husband's shut them. In the back P Argentine. He blames the governor and the Legislature for changing parole rules. And this is what Governor Cuomo releases into society and thinks that he is rehabilitated. At his trial, he said. There is no rehabilitation for May. The PBA is livid. In recent years, they count 16 convicted cop killers who have been paroled.

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