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Joe Biden responding by asking what country are we end? Senator Rand. Paul says he'll refer the Senate Homeland Security and Finance Committee's report on their probe and no Hunter Biden's overseas business dealings to the Department of Justice. That report details Hunters role on the board of the Ukrainian natural gas for Mariza Holdings while being under secret service protection. Biden's campaign accuses Senator Ron Johnson and other allies of the president of Subsidising a foreign attack against the sovereignty of our elections with taxpayer money by pushing a conspiracy theory. Biden, accusing the president of using the Justice Department for personal protection. During an event in Charlotte, North Carolina, the former vice president was asked how he would re imagine the Justice Department and the civil Rights division. In particular, and this is what Biden had to say He actually has a representative. Him on women who have accused him of rape. Try me out. Where does that come from? And just department under my administration. Will be totally independent of me. I will not direct them who to prosecute how to prosecute what to prosecute and I will not be in injecting. I will not enter their decisions based upon the judgments they make about what cases they bring in. They don't bring With regard to the civil rights division. I would significantly increase, too. Thanks. One civil rights presence in the Justice Department elevated so it has access to and transparency, all police departments activities. Cross the country. Just so there where there's transparent. What's going on? Now It also makes sure that I elevate the Justice Department. I should be the civil rights division to have a direct office with inside the White House. Most of all, I would have an attorney general who understood his oath of office, not a joke. Attorney general and the oath of office that in fact could do and move on what the professionals in the department thought had to be pursued, but I could ask the following questions. If, in fact you get elected. Would you prosecute Trump? Would you pursue prosecuting Trump? The answer is I'm not gonna pursue prosecuting anyway, I'm going to do with the Justice Department says should be done. Biden's visit was his first to North Carolina since he campaigned there during the Democratic primary this past spring. On the stump today, Vice President Mike Pence and President Trump's daughter Ivanka traveled to Minneapolis that to show solidarity with the police union there, as the Trump campaign pushes its law and order message on the campaign trail. Well. Fed

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