Crying Out for Salvation (Ezekiel 21:6)


Ezekiel Chapter Twenty one verse six. As for you son of man grown. With breaking heart and bitter grief grown before there is. This is God. Telling Ezekiel to grown with a breaking heart in bitter grief before. People before God's people. And just to go on the next I when they said he why you grown useful say because the news that it's coming, every heart will melt and all hands will be feeble. Every spirit will faint. All needs will be weak as water behold it's coming and will be fulfilled declares the Lord God basically judgment is coming. So God is telling Zico grown before them like see this is a time for groaning that there is reason for broken hearts and bitter grief. because. If people do not turn and trust in God repent of Sin, then their destruction, their judgment is coming so. I'm reading this and I'm just. Driven to ask in my own life and in your life. Like are are you and I ever groaning? With Breaking Hearts Over People In our lives friends. Coworkers neighbors, family members. Who? Are separated from God by their send right now and have not. Turned entrusted in Jesus. Like, there should be times when we are groaning. With breaking hearts and bitter. Grief. Certainly before God, calling out crying out for their salvation. And then to an extent. Before our friends. And neighbors and CO workers and. Family members. To say to them with broken hearts, please turn and trust in Jesus. So. Do we weep and grieve and grown to use this word from Hezekiah Chapter Twenty one verse six for the lost around US knowing. That judgment is coming. For All who do not trust in Jesus. God We pray. That you would. Help, US. To grown like this. God give us your heart. Breaking hearts in this sense for the lost around us for those who are apart from you in ten who have not been reconciled to you through Jesus God we we think of individual people right now and just want to encourage wrestling. Let's just think of names and faces. Of family members and friends and neighbors and CO workers right. Now, God we we have all these different names and. Faces, people. In our. Minds. God break our hearts for their souls. We pray break our hearts for their lives help us to grieve in grown for their salvation for their repentance Scott and we pray you to help us what does this look like in our relationships with them. To help us to plead with them. The, trust in you. To plead with him to turn to you and God we pray they would go really is right now for your salvation for them. please. Please save them. You just reflecting on Second Peter Three yesterday you love them. You don't desire anyone to experienced judgment for all come to repentance cowdery pradier bringing about God please bring about the power of your spirit open their eyes help us to be faithful to share the gospel with them to plead with them for them to trust in Uganda. We pray for this kind of grieving and breaking hearts and groaning in us as you people got. A reprieve this for the people right around us for people far from us God, we grown today for the Moghal people in India one point seven, million of them God. We grieve over the fact that none of them are followers of yours none of them know the Gospel none of them know your love in Christ God changed that we pray please among all these Muslim Moghal people in India please God. We pray you'd change that. Go break our hearts for the nation's break our hearts for. People right around us that we might grown grieve and plead and work to share the Gospel with them and that you might show La God, you're supernatural power in saving please Oh God we praise save them all these names. Faces coming our minds and the Moghal people of India. We pray this in Jesus name. Amen.

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