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The Warriors open their two week fall training camp yesterday, a two week camp that the MBA granted to all seven teams that did not get invited to Orlando. Of play eight games of pieced for playoff seeding Steph Curry and Draymond Green, not part of the two week camp, having been excused for family reasons, But the other recognisable names are all there, led by Clay Thompson coming back from a C L surgery. Along with Andrew Wiggins, Eric Paschal, marquees Crisco von Loony Chi Bowman, Davian Lee Jordan Pool. Wanta Scotto, Anderson, Alan Smile, a gauge and both Zach Normal, and Jeremy Pargo, who played most of last season in Santa Cruz. Coach Steve Kerr excited at the opportunity to make up for some valuable lost time on the court and one of many in the N B A to speak out yesterday on the absence of any charges in the police shooting death of Briana Taylor in Louisville, Kentucky. There's just so much violence and it's and it's demoralizing when we can't hold anyone to account for it, And it's said that they're really demoralising thing is we have a really powerful movement that's happening. We have so many people who care about this country and so money. Who want change and and believe in equal just just for black and brown communities. And yet we don't have it. It's such a tough hill to climb with a long history of racism that we have in our country continues, and it continues in the form of state sanctioned violence over and over again that we're seeing and it's it's devastating with Steve Kerr at the Sports desk. Steve Baker, KCBS. For summer

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