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Used our tax code. To help wealthy people get more wealthy tax expenditures or upwards of $650 billion a year and I support some of these things like the mortgage interest deduction. Which helps people is overwhelmingly used by people who make a quarter billion dollars or more. Ah, and it is a tax expenditure. It's time that we use our tax code to help people without wealth. Gain wealth because paychecks help you get by wealth helps you get ahead and could be generational. And so our plan is very simple. If every child born in America black or white, or regardless of background It's $1000 savings account. Social scientists showed that that alone will actually increase the numbers of kids a chance of going to college three full just knowing they have an account like that, and then every year based upon their family's income. Nothing to do with race. But just on their family's income, Like the earned income tax credit, they will get anywhere between zero and $2000 placed in their account because of calm, pounding interest, the lowest income Children. In other words, we're a nation with one out of every six of our Children born in And living in poverty. Those kids would have upwards of $50,000 by the time they're 18 and that money, then with the baby bonds proposal Could be used to invest in wealth producing investments. College education buying a home starting a business Now

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