Shannon Sharpe reacts to Lakers GM 3 loss to Nuggets in Western Conference Finals


III LOVES SIGHT THAT LOSS. From the Lakers and how about we break it down right now guys Lebron. What is third triple-double this postseason, but it wasn't enough against the nuggets. Last Night Denver led by twenty as late as the fourth quarter Lebron Ford in thirteen points in a last-ditch comeback at. Albury, finished with a team I twenty, eight, ten of which came in the fourth defend off Lebron the Lakers and hold on for the one fourteen to one. Oh, six Windsor Shannon. What is the biggest reason? The Lakers lost this one. They came out they came out and look like a team was to oh, and they just thought you know we don't come on here and do what we do and and not play hard and you could tell early on the nuggets were getting whatever they want. They drive laid up in the paint they you'll get to his dominant hand his right hand. Kiva phenomenal player. He's GonNa make shot skip that shot that he hit with the clock winding down on the right foot. I note most guys right handed shoot that shot Dirk Nowitzki made famous what he shot off his left leg I've never seen right hand guy shoot that shot up the up the wrong foot. I mean, 'cause we shoes tonight expected to go in everybody that's a bad shot clock winding up I expected to go in but I did not expect the Lakers to look this flat. We've haven't seen them even even against a Portland skip the first game even against the rockets the first game they didn't look this flat they I'm like broad do realize the western conference finals. you mentioned it a D. Two rebounds and they came in the last five minutes of the Game Hey deeply forty-three minutes. Avail one rebound white one rebuilt. If you tell me skill that the nuggets will out rebounded again by nineteen. If you tell me, they're going to turn the ball over the Lakers. I'm going to say the nuggets going to win the series, but I don't believe that I believe Lebron ad will play better I. Believe Lebron will be more aggressive because I thought the second the second in the third quarter. Eighty go it and it seemed like Lebron was designed to say you know what you gotta go hey, we're gonNA keep going. But skipped ahead, given up so much ground they had dug themselves. So much of a whole maybe if they don't allow get a eighteen twenty, maybe ten twelve now they can complete the comeback but I thought the Lakers played like a team that was looked. Like they didn't have they had a away game and if through this game away but what are the process what you've done if that you giving these guys confidence because now they think they can beat you they do they feel like Murray for sure thinks he can be yes and he's talking like He. SHOULD BE UP TWO GAMES TO ONE IS I've seen story before the thing is with this guy when he gets hot and. Those lash those last second shot because I saw him in game seven you remember the clock out of both have and he throwing up three's from twenty five from thirty feet and he switching. So he has confidence in their gaining companies but the problem that also has get, you can't have every guy that played for the nuggets with the exception of to a temp equal to or more free throws they Lebron James that tells. Me He's not getting he's not driving the ball. He's not aggressive enough or they're not calling it. So for me, that was the different. They just lacked intensity. They came out like a team that was too low and had the game to throw away I. Expect I know for certain and I'm going I, don't care I. don't care what the line he'll. I won't do on it right now you do I won't do right now.

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