Remote Learning is Testing Parents. Can Family Benefits Firms Help?


From wondering I'm David Brown and this is business words daily on this Thursday. September. Third Back to school has a whole new meaning this year and it's an understatement to say it's not a good one as schools reopened partially or fully online parents are understandably worried about their kids educations, and in many cases their help the new situation also reveals the extent to which employers have relied on public education to ensure parents can. Work with school buildings closed. It's become a frustrating often impossible three ring circus for parents who need to supervise their kids, online classes and meet their own work deadlines. In April family benefits company CLEO surveyed two, hundred, fifty of its members, all working parents of young children. The response is startled Cleo CEO Sarah Jane Sogeti she told Fast Company it was even more sobering than we had thought one in five were considering leaving the. Workforce due to the impossibility of working and parenting simultaneously with little or no help as the company noted in a press release working parents and their children are not all right. The potential brain drain of twenty percent of working parents mostly mothers quitting their jobs is a huge problem for employers and that's inspiring some to help fill the dramatic COVID nineteen gap in support for working parents. For example, Cleo launched the invest in parents. Pledge, which brings signatories, large companies like salesforce zoom and Oetzi together to dream up better ways to support stressed employees Sogeti told fast company that most companies were already adding some benefits like offering flexible hours in extending remote work until schools reopened properly, it's a patchwork with most companies coming up with their own offense, scattershot offerings and policies, and it's generally not easy for large companies to manage broad menus of benefits on their own. Here's where the pandemic is spurring entrepreneurial thinking cleo unrivaled rival benefits company fringe among others are creating family benefits in the same way the traditional firms offer for instance, mental health assistance, and adoption subsidies. Personalized Menus of benefits are particularly pertinent

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