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Dot com Station never play more than two minutes of commercials at a time. That's our promise that two minute promise we are the world famous K Rock l A and no CS alternative. This is striker in client in the morning. Having won used to feel so good before quarantine, sir. People asking What were the results? When I finally found out my STD test, and I'm proud to say STD free since 03 If you don't count HPV striker inclined they Stink stink. Another hour of striker inclined starting now, yes to get into the three day way Get into the three day weekend. We got the Friday free for all that starts at nine o'clock. But our instagram striker incline. We're going to have a a labor day party. That's a 10 15. We would love for you to join us from douche on Instagram striker client Omara Alley. I had a short time listening earlier yesterday. Sorry. I think I love your show. Sweet James was hilarious. Thank you for the left is hilarious. That's right. Thanks, sweetie.

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