Dwayne Johnson, his wife and daughters test positive for coronavirus


The biggest man in Hollywood taken down. But ever. So briefly, by Kovic Nineteen Dwayne, the Rock Johnson has revealed that he and his family all tested positive for coronavirus he broke that an eleven minute video on Instagram the rock has wife. Their two little girls having two years old four years old contract the virus they've recovered. He said the girls had some sore throat issues. It sounded like you know fever like symptoms but there okay. Ru-. The Rock and his wife got the brunt of it. said he said scratchy throat and that was it with the kids the kids he never even said fever like. All the clip I saw he just went they had a scratchy throat. I mean like sniffles and Jews lugging nothing for them. And then he said that him and his wife got it but he didn't really get into detail about what their symptoms were. I don't at least in the At least in the snippet I saw Oh, you didn't. You didn't hunker down for all twelve minutes of. I watch depar- talking about this I mean he said it. He said they felt worse than the girls did the girls were you know it was just basically like being sick? But But. Here's a clip of Johnson giving advice on what to do to stay healthy right now because he wants us all to be healthy. Older. Everything we can to boost our immune system antioxidants taking vitamin staying hydrated goes back to have my own two hands. It's got to control the controllables, and in this case, we can control the controllables might to hand philosophy, D-. So the takeaways be disciplined be disappointing when it comes to people coming over to your house, get them tested you never know. Be, extra cautious don't let your guard down. Boost your immunity. With antioxidants vitamins, things of that nature, and if you're already doing that thing great great word if you. Are Out there and you're like, well, we're GONNA do it when the new year comes or want to do it I know I should do it but what should I do? It's really easy. The effort is really minimal. It's just a slight tweak in how you approach

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