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Stupor. Glenn on the glove back broke up. Triple 8 70 70 easy cake. The Atlantic. Has written, uh, just an amazing article on President Trump, of course, making him look It might make him look as bad as anything I've read because because supposedly he's saying super disrespectful things about American soldiers who fought in World War one World War two and are buried in France. Now, I don't believe this article. I don't believe this for a second when he was in France in 2018. He was supposed to go to one of the one of the cemeteries where the American soldiers are entered. And, uh, supposedly, it was raining. And so the helicopter couldn't fly. Now, they say that's not true. That was just an excuse. He used And then he said the Secret Service refused to drive him there. And they're saying that's not true. But what they're saying is true is that President Trump said. Why should I go to that cemetery? It's filled with losers. I don't believe for a second that Donald Trump said that About American soldiers. Buried in France. Ah! God. Yeah, just there's no way and then they try to Try to spin this as C. There's evidence that he's done this because look how he talked about John McCain. Well, John McCain was an adversary. For one thing he didn't like John McCain. John McCain didn't like him. They both said Really bad things about each other. Yes, and Trump. Obviously famously, at the beginning of the campaign, you know, said that, you know, why is he such a hero? You know what was it it was. I respect people who don't like people who don't get caught or don't get captured, you know, and he went back and forth of McCain said all sorts of things about McCain. That's Donald Trump is capable of saying something bad about any individual. He doesn't like the idea that Donald Trump is sitting around, saying Generally speaking, troops that have died in service Don't buy are losers is I just don't losers and suckers. Now total on thing I do know about and we all know about. I think Donald Trump is he loves his country and he loves the military. Yeah, There's no way he would have said this about American troops. It's completely and look, he obviously throws things out a lot that are not necessarily the greatest idea. Noah's Faras gets in trouble get himself in trouble. He creates a lot of his own problems. We all know this. But I mean the idea that behind the scenes he's sitting here bashing troops is losers is completely inconsistent. With with everything we know about Donald Trump. I understand that he calls kind of everybody losers and this is going to be believable to anyone on the left. Who already hates him, right? And you know the Atlantic. The The biting campaign is already leaning into this. They're doing it. They did, eh? A conference call with, you Know, Left wing Veterans organization. Tammy Duckworth's was on the call. Always. You know they're going to try to leave. We're going to Tammy Duckworth's now out there saying I will I fought for this country. I am not a loser. You know, All this is going to happen now is going to act as if this is true. It's ridiculous. There's been multiple people who have come out on the record and say This is not true from the administration. But there's no way to disprove that. Someone said something in private when you don't tell us who's You're not giving us the source of this comment, right? You're not telling us who said it. You're not telling us enough detail to figure out who said it and everyone who was there that we know was there saying he didn't say it. So I don't see what you can take out of this in reality, But the difference is, of course, the left is depending on something that isn't real right there. They're going to try to just Promote him as some true painter, which Just come on. I mean, you think the military is falling for this? Do you think our troops are falling for this? You're in the military out there. Are you falling for this? I can't imagine. Most people who are trying to make their mind up are going to be fooled by this. It's really going to be more of a left wing fundraising. Situation than anything else because there's no Come on, come on. We honestly if you would have ran this story with someone who was very anti military in that's a Democrat. In in our government. I wouldn't believe it. It alone. Donald Trump, who's like main thing he's trying to do over the past couple years, have a giant military parade and watching to see the guy like of all things, you're going to accuse him of being anti troop. It's just silly. Just a silly plus, He's increased their budgets. He's increased the PE multiple times. I mean the guy his actions, and we said this a million times don't pay attention to what he says pay attention to what he does. And what he has done regarding the military has been incredibly positive. He's he's really tried to restore the military toe where it needs to be in where where it should be. Because Barack Obama did everything he could to tear down the military. And did you do Defund them. S Oh, yeah, It's really hard to believe that he would call them losers and suckers. They say he has a lot of fear He doesn't see heroism in fighting. Several observers told me that Trump is deeply anxious about dying or being disfigured, and this worry manifests itself as discussed for those who have suffered.

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