Biden aims to bring message of healing to Kenosha in first Wisconsin visit as Democratic nominee


Presidential nominee Joe Biden travels to Kenosha, Wisconsin today as NPR's Windsor Johnston reports. His visit comes amid heightened tensions in the city following a police shooting that left a black man paralyzed and the shooting deaths of two protesters allegedly by a teenage gunman. Biden says he'll use his time in Kenosha to bring the community together to heal. My purpose in going will be too To do just that to be a positive influence on what's going on. Talk about what need be done. And try to see if there's a beginning of a mechanism to bring the folks together. Biden's trip comes two days after President Trump visited the city in the wake of violent demonstrations that broke out after a police officer repeatedly shot 29 year old Jacob Blake. Biden has accused President Trump of rooting for chaos and violence in Kenosha to bolster his law and order. Campaign.

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