Hall of Fame pitcher Tom Seaver dies of COVID-19, dementia at 75


Hall of Fame Big League Pitcher Tom Seaver has died hall said Wednesday night that seaver died from complications of dementia and Covid nineteen. The right hander known as Tom Terrific helped lead New York's nineteen sixty-nine Miracle Mets from the National League seller to a stunning world series title. He's earned here right after the sixty-nine fall classic we never put our heads between our legs and we always bought, and as the greatest in the world seaver was a five time twenty game winner, he retired in one, thousand, nine, hundred, six, three, hundred, and eleven wins in a career two, point eight, six era he went to call postseason games from the broadcast booth for both ABC and NBC. A Statement Major League Baseball Commissioner Rob Manfred Wednesday said Tom was a gentleman who represented the best of our national pastime seaver was seventy-five.

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