A Conversation With Rep. Ayanna Pressley



Representative Presley. First of all, we love you. So you know it's going to be a hard hitting interview. With. We love you. Let's let's get into it. Okay. So president trump has clearly included playing up unrest in cities in part of his reelection strategy. He's even gone as far as to imply Democrats are to blame for escalating violence at protests, how Progressives and Democrats push for police reform in a world where an attempt at pursuing justice is spun as a rush to anarchy by right wing media and used as an excuse to become violent by law enforcement officials. Say It's thrilled to be here with all of you. Thank you. I'm big admirers in the ends of the two of you and glad to be with you today. You know what can I say about Donald? Trump. These already the dog whistles anymore there are just blaring horns you know wrapped up in incendiary soundbites and cruel policy in calcium administration. So it's very predictable. This is an old play in this sort of in movement building work you know we're used to it. How do we advance policy? The way always advanced policy as a nation nestor movements you. Know a lot of people when they reflect back on those grainy images, those black and white images of protests and demonstrations. In the nineteen sixties, they will define the progress came out of that solely as the voting rights act in the civil rights at but honestly that movement was the blueprint for every progressive piece of legislation thereafter. So this is how legislation is moved its through movement building and social transformation. That is why now things like inviting qualified immunity which bill that I introduced representative Justin Amash are now part of public discourse that is from organizing mobilizing. Conversations around reimagining our budgets to actually value black lives that has everything to do with the power of movement building, and so we have to continue to do that. We're in this moment of national reckoning on racial injustice is a culture shift occurring people. Now, a very unapologetically affirm that black lives matter but now that has to translate into power shift that is reflected in who we elect to office the laws that we right in the budgets that right those are the only. Receipts that matter. So if you believe that black lives, matter than black representation matters than black data matters, then black home ownership matters black entrepreneurialism matters in. So that's how I seek to legislate is in a very precise way and I'll in here by saying the disproportion hate heard her that has been foisted onto black Americans for generations was not naturally occurring. It was legislated was precise in codified lawmaking until the path forward must be one where we are also precise reverend. Barber. Poor. People's campaign someone that I look too often and just someone admire tremendously. Grateful for his moral clarity and conviction says for moment of reckoning the demands, a third reconstruction, and so that's what we need to be squarely focused. Dohrn is what does that third construction looked like and how do we enlist everyone from organizers to lawmakers as community builders in that reconstruction of a better word equitable world IANNA and I'm calling you Iona because I've known you since the ninety s and that's just how it's going to be. When you when you were telling me what's what? Let's not forget? This week. Joe Biden gave a speech and he released an ad where he made the point to clarify that contrary to what the trump camp is saying about him. He doesn't actually like property destruction that has occurred were some protests have occurred? By doing this Biden, allowing trump to control the conversation. Let me just say this there is an effort to infiltrate into undermine the impact of the black lives matter movement, and the fact that these motivation efforts have continued, which is constitutional. Right to assemble to peacefully protest descent is the ultimate patriotism. James Baldwin said I extensively paraphrase like I criticized this country America because I, love it just that much. She can and must be better. I think we have to be careful to make sure that our movements are not co-opted the people that I see in community who are the four of these movements bay, our community builders, not destroyers and the people that are doing that are infiltrators who won the black lives matter movement to be aligned to be mischaracterize. The people doing the work of justice seeking our peacekeepers you know and I, also think it's important that we not completely rewrite history and sanitize what these movements have looked like in the past. No. So people will bring up Dr King and they'll bring up John Lewis. Will John Lewis was who practice nonviolent peaceful protests almost died on that bridge in many times thereafter in fact, many advocates have said we don't know how John Lewis made it out alive because they always focused on.

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