Officer charged in fatal Walmart shooting of Steven Taylor


A veteran California police officer is charged with voluntary manslaughter for the April shooting death of a black man in San Leandro, east of San Francisco. Terrorist Siler report. The officer is accused of violating department policy on the use of deadly force in charging officer Jason Fletcher. Prosecutors concluded that Steven Taylor pose no threat of imminent deadly force or serious bodily injury to Fletcher or anyone else in the Wal Mart store. Alameda County, D A. Nancy O'Malley said Taylor, who had a bat in his hand, was clearly in shock after being tased twice. Taylor was stumbling forward with the bat pointed toward the ground when Fletcher's shot him in the chest. The D a sighted California's new law that states law enforcement can on ly use deadly force when necessary rather than just reasonable. In a statement, San Leandro police chief Jeff Tutor said he understood the loss of Steven Taylor has deeply affected the community. And that the judicial process must take its course.

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