Movie Robots - burst 08


Basically more so than I'd say terminator, it's about him kind of figuring out what it is to be human more. Like bicentennial man. It's not as good as vice antennae oh man. but. By the end he gives like a a really emotional speech. That's pretty good. But yeah, it's more I mean the main characters Harrison Ford, but Roy Batty is definitely the most interesting part of that. So. INDIANA. Jones is in this movie Indiana Jones and Hans Solo tour team up to defeat a robot Roy in the big in a big battle. Any battle. With the Roman soldiers and The KLINGONS and all that they all firearms. and He. Is the sole. Victor. He's playing character, which is Leeann beason. He. Did, you know that the taking movies or just documentaries. Rayson life. Called Blades runner. Blades. Runner is is Liam Neeson's birth name.

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