National New Hampshire Day with Matt and Emilio Barnard

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So each week, one of my podcast friends challenged me to find an episode related to one of those days and I'll be releasing it on the actual date occurs. So let's get to it. What is today's National Day? Hey Paul Matt. NFL. Bernard here we just got back from an awesome week into Hampshire Estate Near and dear to our hearts I'll there and my grandparents still live there. But neither of US are New Hampshire natives we have questions where in the PODCAST universe can we turn to learn more about the Grad State? Well Matin Amelio you've come to the right place but before I give a recommendation I'm going to give a little back story to everyone. When I started this podcast I decide that my guess would be podcasters not just people in the podcast. Matinee have been running mates since very early on going to last two podcasts movements together. But. He didn't have a podcast. So I never asked him to be a guest. Did Matt Start as podcasts just to be a guest on my show, the answer would be revealed later but let's talk about living free or dying I or at least pumpkins. Today. September seventh is national. New Hampshire. Day. I think a great place to start finding podcasts about New Hampshire is the outside in podcast which is made by new. Hampshire public. Radio. Now. It's not exclusively about things from New Hampshire but there are obviously New Hampshire base stories like this one. This episode talks about the Guinness Book of Records Event Were Keen New Hampshire holds a US record for most Jack Lantern in one place at one time. The town held an annual festival and everyone loved it. But as it got bigger and bigger so did the problems I mean if you've got over four thousand pumpkins around that can't be safe right? quaint was no longer the operative word. To find out what happened give it a listen, and let me know what you think by using the National New Hampshire Day Hashtag. Today's guests floral are Matin Amelia Barnard. As I mentioned Matt never had a podcast but due to the pandemic he decide to have some fun with his son with their free extra time and the Barnard's on the NBA podcast was born. In each episode Matinee, choose to colleges with well-known basketball programs and compare their famous alumni to see which school would come out on top. Many years ago I was a big college basketball fan and I still go to the big east championship every year when a pandemic isn't raging I also went to two final four tournaments many years ago. One. was in Atlanta and the other was in New Orleans, of course. So listening to this podcast gives some great of those times. For the episode I'm recommending it's the mismatch between Ucla and Oregon State. Since nothing is free in this world, I'm going to request that Matt and Amelia do an episode pitting Villanova and ruckers against each other. Short seems a little one-sided, but don't sleep on Rucker's there who history has some highlights amidst a lot of lowlights. For. Last recommendation, Matin Amelia recommend the Hollinger and Dunkin NBA show is debating the NBA's best they say and I quote.

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