Rui Pinto Football Leaks trial starts in Portugal


A trial is due to begin today in Portugal of a computer hacker who leaked the documents exposing dubious deals involving top football clubs, agents and players. Rui Pinto's Football League's Web site, release large numbers of secret documents that triggered criminal investigations into leading players in several countries. He faces 90 criminal charges, including computer fraud, attempted extortion and violating privacy of correspondence. Listen, Roberts reports from Lisbon. Pipin to faces 90 charges, including attempted extortion relating to the computer hacking of the Lisbon Football Club, sporting the Portuguese Football Federation and the office of the attorney general. The 31 year old hacker was in prison on remand for over a year before being transferred to house arrest and then last month released after agreeing to collaborate on other cases. Among witnesses called by the defense in this case are the head of Portugal's criminal investigation, Police and the US whistleblower Edward Snowden.

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